Meditation For Life


Why meditate?

Meditation is food for the soul, nurturing the very core of your existence.

There is tons of research that shows how meditation creates the inner peace and stillness that transforms and heals us. But it also keeps us physically fit and healthy as well as mentally sharp and focused and, quite frankly with today's 24/7 lifestyles, SANE. Emotionally, you will feel lighter, softer and purer. 

By creating positive vibrations around yourself, you can influence the behaviour and mental states of others around you.

Knowing all this, ask yourself why AREN'T you meditating?

How do I meditate?

We've learned a number of techniques in our Serenity Class: Smile meditation, Lotus meditation and the Ramana Maharishi method. Just 10-15 minutes a day can reap so many benefits. The guided meditations are available as downloads on this website if you need a helping hand.

What is the difference between meditation and yoga nidra?

Besides the obvious: meditation is done sitting and Yoga Nidra done lying down, Yoga Nidra is not quite the same thing as meditation. In Yoga Nidra you move into a semi-hypnotic state, somewhere between being awake and being asleep. During meditation you remain alert and aware.You can think of Yoga Nidra as a way of preparing for meditation; in the yoga tradition it is understood as being a practice of pratyahara: a sense withdrawal, that prepares you for moving into a state of meditation. It turns your attention inwards and helps your mind and body reach the calm mental state required to meditate effectively.Meditation does not come easily to busy people. Most people find sitting still and silent for any length of time a huge challenge. It's particularly hard if your mind is over active, or your body is tense but the pay-off is enormous.

Download meditations to try at home

Click on a file to download. These were recorded during class so the sound quality is NOT professional but will hopefully get you started on a home practice.