Seasonal Classes

Seasonal Yin


A gentle restorative practice still the mind and body,  Yin Yoga uses variations of supported poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes. It accesses deeper layers of fascia by stretching connective tissue around the joints. Suitable for ALL levels.

Seasonal Yang Flow

Yang Yoga is a more dynamic and active form of yoga where each posture flows to another. This is a vinyasa class that emphasises strength and endurance and generates heat within the body. Suitable for INTERMEDIATE level.

Seasonal Hatha Yoga


All types of yoga are hatha yoga as defined  by the Hatha Yoga Pradipika: one of the first yoga texts dated from the 15th C. However in modern parlance Hatha yoga is a recognised term for a more static yet still a YANG yoga practice. Suitable for BEGINNER level.



Drop in prices are £6 for an hour class, £7 for an hour and half.

£50 10-class passes are also available

Classes at the Auchrannie Gym cost £5.50 or £2.20 if you are a guest or a member



Yin Yoga is more suited to those beginning a yoga practice but it's for all levels. Yang Flow is for intermediate levels and Seasonal Hatha Yoga is for EVERYONE!

Beginners Courses


6-week blocks are regularly run for yoga newbies or those who want to get back to yoga after a break. Contact for more information.


LMW, Arran

Kates yoga classes are not to be missed! She has such a variety of classes from beginners to advanced and also classes that are fast and constantly moving to slower, peaceful and more medative

CH, Arran

My needs are less spiritual and more to do with strength, conditioning and general flexibility. I would highly recommend these sessions to any cyclists or runners out there. Kate has without a doubt helped me to maintain form and prevent injury. Many thanks. C

YR, Arran

Wow this is just simply brilliant, you must give it a try and you will know what I mean.

JB, Arran

Love the Yin and Yang sessions, Kate is a a fabulous teacher, well informed and interested in everyone who attends her classes. Always feel good at the finish and would recommend the sessions if you are visiting the Isle of Arran and the Auchrannie Hote